Welcome to Wakanda – #Black Panther

Inspirational Wakanda Photo Shoot.  Photographer: Azeez A. (@projectzeezy)  Make-up Artist: Vanessa Lester (@vanessalester)  Models: David Horton, Julia Papillon, Christina

With Black Panther debuting at $700M in it’s 2nd weekend. This phenomenon on social platforms such as Black Twitter led the charge, posting memes and sharing outfit ideas with the hashtag #BlackPantherSoLit.

A very talented up-and-coming photographer named Azeez A. a fashion photographer from West Africa, but is currently living  in Chicago, IL. Who often travels periodically being inspired through the LOVE of fashion, life, adventure, and culture. “Photography gives me the chance to tell stories through my lens. Therefore my journey continue.” said  Azeez.

Welcome to Wakanda | Model: Julia Papillon

“After watching Black Panther, I could not have been even MORE inspired by the whole cast, directors and everyone who believed in making the movie happened. Seeing that they knew how to bring culture awareness to the big screen gave me the idea to bring it to fashion as well. I wanted people to feel moved by the images. Mostly I wanted to capture the greatest moment of all times during Black History Month.”- Azeez A.

Azeez’s interpretation of Wakanda in this shoots, shows strength, Love, Dedication and Culture. These images are so captivating and shows a signs of strength and empowerment!  With Azeez Welcome to Wakanda photo shoot  message is ties in with the true meaning of what the people of Wakanda stood and as society should stand by. Which is to feel strong, loved and have the dedication to be determine by whatever moves them in this world and the culture we live in.

Even though winter’s seems extremely long in Chicago. Azeez’s will be getting a head start on to warmer weather exploring the fashion world more not in Chicago but LA and New York this summer just to name a few city.  Be sure to check-out Azeez A. website and instagram @projectzeezy.  

Welcome to Wakanda


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