Truly Uzi |L.N.F (Lonely Night Forever) Short film Premier

Uzi Season Continues…

Germantown, Maryland rapper and executive producer on  L.N.F. Truly Uzi is giving his following and future fans a fresh take on his NEW short film L.N.F (Lonely Night Forever). The film was shot by a Baltimore City film crew named Love The Culture. The film was written and directed by Taz Cannon and Truly 

Truly Uzi |L.N.F Premier Short film

Uzi. The short film L.N.F. is about the rules of the streets, betrayal, lies and lust. The suspense will drive you crazy!



The film stars Truly Uzi as the lead character, his Co-Star is rapper Steph and lead actress is Halle Calhoun formerly known as R.Kelly’s ex-girlfriend of three years and is currently a Wild ‘N Out girl.

L.N.F. (Lonely Night Forever) is Truly Uzi latest EP with a total of five tracks, which are available for download on Soundcloud. This isn’t last of  L.N.F. there will be a part 2 such as a prequel coming later this year. Be sure to follow Truly Uzi for the latest news in future details. In the mean time check out L.N.F (Lonely Night Forever) short film below.

Check Out L.N.F (Lonely Night Forever) short film below. 


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