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The Release Of Truly Saiyan EP

Germantown, Maryland rapper Truly Uzi released his first EP Truly Saiyan. The EP is titled Truly Saiyan is in reference to Dragon Ball Z. Uzi explained a Saiyan who has gone through a transformation which multiplies his current power and turns his hair blonde and his eyes

Truly Uzi-Truly Saiyan EP

green/light. “So, as a child as I used to watch Dragon Ball Z; I always want to be a super Saiyan and with this cover an album I wanted to create that. The person that I’m becoming a better and stronger me as I am leveling up” said Truly Uzi.

Tell us about who you worked with on this EP.

The EP consist of five tracks. The producers associated with this EP are @ShineGoinCrazy & @ShaneAlexander, the first track drowning was the perfect song to kick off Uzi’s Anticipated EP.. -Truly Uzi

The Breakdown Of Truly Saiyan EP

Track #1: Drowning– was the perfect song to kick off Uzi’s Anticipated EP.

Track #2: Locked In (feat. Lightshow)-is an up-tempo song featuring DC’s own Lightshow and would be a great song for summer.

Track #3: Marijuana (feat. Ahksxma)- any smokers go to song, and is probably the most liked tack on the EP which is tittle Marijuana featuring Germantown, Maryland rapper Ahksxma.

Track #4: 2 Different (feat. Steph)- this song is a Pop/R&B type of feel with a lot of summer vibes written all over it. Steph is another Germantown, Maryland artist which has been featured in Truly Uzi last project L.N.F (Lonely Night Forever).

Track #5: All My Love– The first single off the Truly Saiyan EP is All My Love featuring model Desirée Vanessa. As Uzi describe the video as he visual Portrays a dark and evil type of vibe of where Vanessa tries to do anything in her power to capture Uzi’s  love. Not to mention this video directed by 1stimpressions very own @Chris1st Along the help of Truly Uzi. Who also the Co-Directed, when directing and figuring out a plot to the video Chris and Uzi actually wanted to impersonate the movie that we all may know of Get Out the action packed, thrilling video was shot by Sean Cooper along side @glen.ave this is a must watch and is the complete icing on the EP Truly Saiyan. Check Out the video below and download Truly Saiyan EP

Truly Uzi Singles From Truly Saiyan

Truly Uzi |All My Love

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