Spot Light On: Money Bee Productions

A Day At The Studio With MoneyBee Productions

REBAL HUE magazine wanted to highlight an upcoming company that specialize in collaborating with local creatives in the Washington, DC area.

MoneyBee Productions recently had an event tilted A Day At The Studio. The event focused on the behind the scenes of a photo shoot, when it comes hair, make-up and fashion. Along side the behind the scenes action there was several vendor to network with. REBAL HUE is here to break down some of the highlights of A Day At The Studio with MoneyBee Productions. Continue reading “Spot Light On: Money Bee Productions”

Artist On The Rise: Filthy Fell Off | An Exclusive Q&A

There is a greater range of flows explored, a greater range of tones discovered, and a sharper focus throughout Filthy music.

REBAL HUE is weeks away from it’s 1st Edition Playlist Music Showcase in Washington, DC. Hell Vacancy artist Filthy Fell Off will be one of our featured artist. Filthy grew up in Hyattsville, Maryland. In the era where R&B music

Filthy Fell Off | An Exclusive Q&A

seems obsolete but Filthy has taking a refreshing approach on what he calls Emo R&B. Filthy released two EP’s back in 2018 titled Monster in the Mirror with three tracks and Demons On The Dance Floor with five tracks. Get to know more about Filthy Fell Off in an exclusive Q& A with REBAL HUE Magazine.
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Keep Up With REBAL HUE’s Artist On The Rise-K.EYE.D

When there is a NEW season, it is time for NEW music and K.EYE.D is here to delivery; with a NEW single titled BAEVAYCAY. In our past  REBAL HUE’s Fall/Winter issue. We have highlighted a selected few Artist Of The Rise and one of those artist none other than a Virginia-based artist K.EYE.D.

REBAL HUE last interviewed “The New Age Creator” better known as K.EYE.D,

Artist On The Rise| K.Eye.D

there was talk of new project [EP] tilted Juice Tracy.  The release of Juice Tracy was earlier this year. K.EYE.D gave us some HOT singles from this EP such as Sir Francis and a fan favorite titled Switch featuring Hell Vacancy’s own artist Wink.

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Behind The Lens: Featuring Tyree Jamar Johnson

The Man Behind The Lens Of REBAL HUE Featuring Tyree Jamar Johnson

Behind The Lens: Featuring Tyree Jamar Johnson

Tyree Jamar Johnson is the Co-Creative and Photo Editor for REBAL HUE Magazine. Johnson has been with Founder & Creative Director Asia Cierra Jackson since day one. Both were fascination with underground music and street culture. The fascination has manifested into this fashion and music publication for those who want to showcase their talent. Continue reading “Behind The Lens: Featuring Tyree Jamar Johnson”

Palm Tree$ EP-Treemix 1-Release |Exclusive Q&A

Palm Tree$ |EP Treemix 1 Written By: Asia J.

Palm Tree$ released Treemix 1 over the past weekend. There is a greater range of flows explored, a greater range of tones discovered, and a sharper focus throughout Treemix 1. When asked to describing Palm Tree$ music “Sometimes down-tempo because along with rapping. I like to create smooth, chill, laid back vibes.”

Palm Tree$ also mention that he has segmented his audience by being in the DMV. Say, “That music I’m not interested in releasing yet because the attention span of the DMV is so short & they only wanna hear “trap music.” On the flip side of that I also enjoy making party music. The music you can turn on in a function and people can jump around and have fun.” Continue reading “Palm Tree$ EP-Treemix 1-Release |Exclusive Q&A”

Album Review: Travis Scott’s Visit to AstroWorld

Travis Scott: Astroworld | Image Credited By: iTunes | Article Written By: Emmanuel Ford

Travis Scott has been somewhat a mystery to a lot of people. Travis Scott unlike a lot of the artists now actually allows for his artistry to take center stage instead of his personality and personal life. Hell he rarely even showed his face. When he dropped his 3rd album, ASTROWORLD, he set the internet and speakers on fire. Continue reading “Album Review: Travis Scott’s Visit to AstroWorld”