Summer Essentials: Men’s Edition

When it comes to the summer months, increased temperatures and glaring sunshine can wreak havoc on your skin, causing dryness, irritation and – if you’re not prepared – burning. It’s not all bad news, as there are a number of products and techniques you can consider if you want to breeze through the sunny season with ease, so let’s take a look.

With the four simple men’s skin care tips for summer, you should be able to minimize the chances of suffering with a dreaded oily/greasy complexion as well as keeping your sun damage to a minimum. While you may be slow to integrate all of the above into your daily routine, if there’s one thing we can’t stress enough – wear sunscreen lads, honestly.

Image from REBAL HUE Summer Issue featuring KJ Johnson, Model: Khajonsak “Thunder” Sudsue, Photographer: Studio 3

Why You Should Exfoliate

Skin care is not just for summer, it goes without saying that you should be exfoliating around twice every week, all year round. A combination of physical and chemical exfoliation will strip dead skin cells from your face and help to prevent blockage or unwanted build up, resulting in clearer, smoother skin.

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Exfoliate often.

No matter how often you wash your face, use a scrub a few times a week to get a deeper clean. Exfoliating frees your skin of pore-clogging residue and dead skin cells; it also opens up hair follicles, allowing for a closer and safer shave.

Choose Your Moisturiser Wisely

While most guys will take the ‘grab the cheapest’ approach to selecting their moisturizer, you could be doing yourself a greasy disservice by not opting for one specifically tailored to withstanding summer sun or oily skin. It really pays to do your research and take your time when choosing a moisturizer – do it once, then it’s just a matter of picking a new one up every time it runs out.

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We’re not just talking about guzzling H2O here, although that’s certainly important, too. Hydrate your skin with a daily facial moisturizer (the stuff’s not just for winter) to prevent your face from overproducing its own oils—and leaving you with a shiny nose and forehead. Plus, many moisturizers come with built-in SPF, which could mean cutting one step from your skincare routine.

Use Sun Protection

While we’ve already stressed the importance of using sun protection, the more coverage you can give your skin the better. First up, even if you’ve already got an SPF bolstered moisturizer, it’s still worth adding a little more sun protection.

With that considered, if you have got a moisturizer that doesn’t have any SPF built in, mixing in a little SPF when applying it is strongly advised. We’d recommend you wear an SPF50 on the daily, while this may seem a little excessive, you’ll thank us later when your mates are sagging and your skin’s still looking firm, fair and fresh.

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Save face.

Using the same sunscreen on your body and face can irritate sensitive skin or cause acne-prone skin to break out. Instead, pick an oil-free, water-based block that’s specifically formulated for your face.

Image From REBAL HUE Summer Issue Featuring Damarkus R. Tate, Model: Phillip Brown, Photographer: Studio 3

Cleanse Properly

Lastly, while exfoliating a couple of times a week will scrub away and remove any dead skin/oil buildup, the continued use of a quality cleanser will minimize your chances of any buildup in the first place.

Twice daily, you should be giving your skin a proper cleanse with a cloth and a men’s skin cleanser. While many unisex options will do the job, a dedicated men’s cleanser will contain ingredients that’ll work best on men’s skin, minimizing oil production and typically containing more rigorous, man-friendly ingredients than that of the fairer sex. They will also smell a bit, well, manlier, so if this is something you look for in your skincare, you can be assured to come away looking and feeling fresher. Nonetheless, if you have delicate or sensitive skin, it might be best to stick to unscented products so that you don’t end up irritating your skin.

Deep Cleanse Facial Wash

Befriend a daily face wash.

Maintaining a clean face is key year-round, but as the sun is apt to make you sweat more, keeping pores unclogged is more challenging during warm-weather months. A deep-cleaning face wash that’s formulated for daily use frees skin of the muck that accumulates over the course of the day without over-drying. Once daily is enough, but add a second wash on extra active afternoons.

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