Style Guide: The Prom Edition

Cheers To Prom Season…

It’s prom season ladies! REBAL HUE is here to share the latest tips on this years prom looks. We have teamed up with Fashion Mermaid’s Kiara Quick, Washington, DC hairstylist and make-up artist Elsa Gomez and hair

Style Guide: The Prom Edition | Model: Essance

extensions  was provided by I Am Hair Collection.  Be sure to make the most out of your prom night with the choosing of your dress, make-up, accessories and hairstyle ideas. There are so many options out there, and it can be hard to find one that really feels like you. Don’t even get us started on accessories, REBAL HUE got you covered! 

prom dress
Style Guide: The Prom Edition | Model: Essance

It’s All About The Dress

What’s more exciting then picking that AMAZING prom dress? But choosing your prom dress style feels like more of a commitment than saying yes to a date.  According to JVN, Trying on prom dresses is essential to get the perfect fit. It’s also a part of the fun when preparing for the big night. While the trends change day after day, there are occasions for which dressing involves choosing with time in advance, pick the style, cut, shop, fashion house and make different fitting tests until you find the right model.

The Little Black Dress

A little black dress is every girl’s grab-and-go favorite for everything from graduation parties and homecoming to a frat date with your latest right-swipe. On prom night, you can bet the dance floor will be covered in black sequins, or even fur but that shouldn’t detour you from rocking an inky gown that makes you feel like a badass.

Little black dress
Style Guide: The Prom Edition | Model: Tasia

All About Face

There’s a lot involved when planning your prom night. Not only do you have to find a dress, shoes, and accessories. You also have to figure out how to look your best. That means a perfect beauty look with great nails, glowing skin, gorgeous hair, and makeup. Washington, DC hairstylist and make-up artist Elsa Gomez is here to give you ladies some tips. One of Elsa’s favorite looks for this

Style Guide: The Prom Edition | Model: Tasia

shoot was Orange-y shadows are majorly hot right now, but for prom you need a whole new take. Use a terra cotta shade to shade your crease, then cover the rest of your lid with a poppin’ hot pink shade. Add some more pink below your lashes, then top with an orange-based blush to match. There are now so many Youtube tutorials online that make it easy to copy. Just invest in the right tools beforehand and give it a try in advance.


Don’t For Get The Hair

Prom is your night to slay, but there’s a chance you’re still seriously debating about what to do with your luscious locks. Well, we’re here to solve all of your problems in that department. Here are some cute AF and super doable hairstyles that will look gorge on your big night. According to Washington, DC hairstylist and make-up artist Elsa Gomez to create beachy waves by spritzing a texturizing spray all over towel-dried hair, then letting it air dry. Make your

Style Guide: The Prom Edition | Model: Essance
Style Guide: The Prom Edition | Model: Essance

waves fall nicely by running a flat-iron over 2-inch sections above the ears. Straighten your bangs, and pin back one side of your hair with a cute clip. Then finish with a smoothing cream on the ends for added definition and shine. You can also do a silk and sleek bob with a full bangs is a classic look.

Accessories Are A Must

Once you’ve found your perfect prom dress, you’ll need to add accessories. It can be hard to pick out the right shoes, bag, and jewelry for your outfit. Color coordination, practical aspects and more all factor in.

You want to look both stylish and comfortable on prom night. You need to be able to have everything you need to hand. Your whole outfit also needs to

Style Guide: The Prom Edition | Image From: Tumblr

match up well. We’re here to make the process of putting everything together into an outfit a little easier. Here is what you should look out for and consider as you shop for prom accessories.

Remember to importantly keep your dress color in mind. This forms the foundation of your outfit. Bring a picture of your dress with you as you shop for accessories. This will make it easier to match up different tones. You also need to think about its details. If it’s embellished, you can use the color of the embellishment to match your shoes and bag.


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