Shake Up Your Summer With These 5 Make Up Trends This Summer

5 Make Up Trends This Summer

Summer is HERE! Which means it’s also time to try out new set of beauty trends. In search of inspiration, we picked the beautiful minds of makeup artists Crystal Arinze and Julia Hunt on their take on the hottest trends this summer in make up. You don’t want miss out on this seasons trendy looks.

Vibrant Eyes

Image from REBAL HUE’s Summer Issue: Make-up by: Crystal Arinze

Smart application make intense shade totally wearable: The key is to avoid blending shadow too far past the crease. To pull off bold mascarsa. Picking a deep color and lining your waterline with a pencil in a matching shade. Keep all other makeup minimal.

Make-up by: Crystal Arinze Model: Essence Caldwell

Pop Color

Model: Jasmine Durhal Make-up by: Asia Cierra Jackson Photographer by: Tyree Johnson 

Bright pops of eye color were all the rage at spring and summer runway shows like Marni and Missoni. Many cosmetic brands have also followed suit, releasing colorful palettes of their own. But it’s not just the fashion world that’s pulled inspiration from the simplified shapes and primary color palette: The style can be seen in the work of some of the beauty industry’s most talented makeup artists, too.

Cleopatra Eyes

Model: Danielle Kowalczyk Styled by: Asia Jackson Photographer: Tyree Johnson 

The Egyptian queen still reigns supreme over eye liner. For the spring runway shows, makeup artists took Cleopatra’s signature look and made it thicker, bolder, and more dramatic than usual.

Model: Danielle Kowalczyk Styled by: Asia Jackson Photographer: Tyree Johnson


Make up by: Julia Hunt  Model: Nadirah Ali Photographer: Shot By Sed

Winged liner doesn’t always require a black formula. These makeup artists on Instagram are convincing us to indulge in neon hues. If you aren’t confident in your cat-eye skills, you can also sweep a lime green or hot pink shadow all over your lids.

Make up by: Julia Hunt Model: Nadirah Ali Photographer: Shot By Sed

Barely Natural

Make up by: Julia Hunt Model: Ruby Andrew

Bye-bye heavy contouring and wild blocky brows: “Fresh baby skin with less contouring is becoming a new trend in 2018,” says Julia.  With it being Summer ladies definitely who want to achieve that flawless make up look without sweating their face off. Here are some tips with less being more.

  1. If your skin gets shiny, follow with an oil-absorbing powder. (Note: If your skin is very oily, skip the tinted moisturizer and use only concealer and powder.)
  2. To make sure you’re using the lightest touch, do your makeup in daylight, if possible. Prop up your mirror near a window.
Make-up by/Model:Crystal Arinze Styled by: Asia Cierra Jackson

3  A soft, brownish tint enhances your eyes’ natural contours without showing up as shadow. “Choose a shade slightly darker than your skin,” says Crystal  “Brush it into the creases and along the lower lashes, making sure there are no hard edges.

4 Defined lashes are essential, even for a no-makeup look. For a boost, use a flat eyeliner brush to grab a bit of mascara from the wand and apply to just the roots of the bottom lashes.

What Are Your Favorite Summer Make Up Looks and Tips? Comment Below.

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