REBAL HUE Presents: Finesse Fitz Clothing

Highlighting This Summer’s Up-And-Coming Clothing Line  

Before summer is over you definitely need to crop one the one of hottest up-and-coming urban clothing lines of the season! Finesse Fitz was founded in Washington, DC. Finesse Fit is dedicated to creating and providing an unique high quality brand of fashion, influenced solely upon motivating and developing one’s inner ambition. 

REBAL HUE is to proud to partner with Finesse Fitz this season. The line is consistent of t-shirt, shorts, and tracksuits. It’s bright vibrant colors would have people curious to know where can they can crop their own fit? But don’t worry you too can have your own Finnesse look! Using to the code REBALHUE at check-out you will receive 25% OFF your entire order. Check out photos below and be sure to Finesse your own fit  or be Finessed out of this special offer!


Finesse Fitz (Hot Pink) “TRAP”Tee Model: Darrick
Finess Fit Shorts Model: Troy
Finess Fit Shorts Model: Troy

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