REBAL HUE Magazine Fall/Winter Vol.5 | Interview W/K.EYE.D (Video)

REBAL HUE Magazine Fall/Winter Vol.5| Interview W/K.EYE.D

The New Age Creator

With the recent release of REBAL HUE’s Fall/Winter issue. We have highlighted a selected few Artist Of The Rise and one of those artist none other than a Virginia-based artist K.EYE.D.

In this interview you will get to know what Kid was doing before pursuing a rap career. Also, he shares who were his influences in music such as Jim Morris,The Doors to name a few. In the interview K.EYE.D talks about him starting a corporation titled Hellvacey LLC. Which is an umbrella brand that showcases a street wear brand, marketing, and even a record label. He’s creating a space for young creators to express themselves in multiple artistic forums.

Check Out The Full Interview Below, Be Sure To Get Your Copy Of REBAL HUE Fall.Winter Issue Vol.5.

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