Nic Junior | New Single -Hi To My Ex’s

Nic Junior | Hi To My Ex’s Written By: Asia Cierra Jackson

Nic Junior recently dropped his second single off his debut EP  C’est La Vie. Even though we’re approaching “Cuffing Season” Nic is my making a point to stud on his Ex’s with the BEST revenge with SUCCESS. Over a Brazilian back tack he was inspired to share his relatable reasoning why their his Ex’s as insecurities, cheating and etc.

  Not only did Nic kicked off the summer with he’s first single Circles, after  taking a hiatus from the music scene. The song opened up with relatable topics he endured in his personal life. He followed up with he second single  Lake Shore Drive. Which was the perfect theme song for Summertime Chi. Which he talks about the summer days and nightlife, girls, party favors, and the beauty of cruising down Lake Shore Drive.

Image from Soundcloud: Nic Junior

Nic’s first single on this project is titled Gotta Get It.  Which  winds down the summer into a hustler’s mode. This song can be motivation in “stacking your paper” for the fall season and enjoying the fruits of your labor in spending it. The song is very catching in lyrics and repetitive hook “Gotta Get It.”  Can definitely be another song to cruise down Lake Shore Drive too.

Check out Nic Junior’s Newest Single- Hi To My Ex’s Get It below. Please Comment below.

Hi To My Ex’s is available on all streaming platforms.

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