Nic Junior | Hennything Possible- New Single

The Continuation Of C’est La Vie

Nic Junior continues with another single from C’est La Vie titled Hennything Possible.  After absorbing the fractured sides of Chicago in his youth, rapper Nic Junior aims to blur binaries—between black and white, fun and seriousness

Nic’s Junior’s | Newest Single: Hennything Possible

—while creating a new sound for his city. He definitely doesn’t come short in Hennything Possible, where he sets the vibe of congnac, women, and a good time. Everyone knows that your true feelings come out with la little liquid courage [Hennessy] and Nic isn’t holding back. Nic is gearing to release his a EP which will be releasing later this summer, REBAL HUE will be sure to give our readers the exclusive details soon!

Nic Junior | Hennything Possible- New Single

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