New Release:TattedNdRich -Hippies Love Pancakes 2 | Q&A

Washington, DC rapper TattedNdRich released his second EP titled Hippies Love Pancakes 2. Hippies Love Pancakes 2 is a follow up from his first EP Hippies Love Pancakes.  When asked how did this project come about? TattedNdRich responded “I recorded part 1 in a week before I left for SXSW. I didn’t want to travel without a body of work. Part2 [of the EP] is an attempt to best myself, it took longer [than expected] but I had to learn from some previous pitfalls.” He follows up to say “I actually like this one because I focused on this

New Release:TattedNdRich -Hippies Love Pancakes 2

time and used the [EP] as a release therapy. Mental WEALTH is very important hence the tracks Therapy Sessions (1,2,&3) where I use the racks to freestyle my way out of writers block, vent. About things I’ve experience, or past relationship issues. For the most part this is all just an introduction to who I am and also who I want to become. I manifest through my music.”

REBAL HUE has an exclusive Q&A with TattedNdRich on influences in starting music, inspiration behind his music and more. Check-out the interview below.

The Exclusive Q&A with TattedNdRich

1. How would you describe your musical style?

Hmm, I’d say I’m like CHILL stoner vibes, but I’m versatile. Like Nip [Nipsey Hussle], Jay [Z], and Wiz [Khalifa].

2. What made you start pursuing a career in music?

This talent show at this Tech Camp I went to. I didn’t get the memo about a talent show, so I had to develop one fast. Shit, rap was it. From there I been perfecting my abilities.

3. What was the inspiration behind your rap name?

Aaaaah, it’s a cross between Twitter and bumping old Wiz. He’s says a line like “Tatted up, rich” so I I twisted it and made it my brand. Plus, I got all these tattoos.

New Release:TattedNdRich -Hippies Love Pancakes 2

4. In what ways has your latest music changed from when you first started?

I’ve gotten more comfortable being myself and getting more personal without too many details. I’m also experimenting with different styles of rap. I’m honestly getting better everyday. I used to write a lot, but now I just follow God and let the music guide me. But most importantly, I’ve gained a level of consciousness that acts as a moral compass for my lyrics.

5. What is the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?

Life. What I see. What I hear. How I perceive things. I haven’t sat down with a topic in awhile. Most times I freestyle random thoughts with rhyme schemes.

6. Growing up (where?), can you describe today’s underground music scene?

I’m from DC. Shit, I got my start here. It’s a bit rough, but it’s like coming from anywhere, [people]won’t love you [until] they appreciate you in somebody else’s hometown. But as a whole, if met some of the best creatives here. I honestly felt alone for years being a creative, but the underground scene here is so ALIVE that it subconsciously gives you permission to shine your light too.

7. How do you stay creative during this quarantine?

Well, I’ve been doing the podcast and organizing future drops for my music collective. This came at a perfect time because it feels like a rat race doing music, I’ve had time to re-calibrate and create more content for fans. Mostly, I’ve been strengthening my relationships with [people] and progressing. I’ve tried my best to stay away from making a CoronaTape.


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