New Release: Fashion Mermaid Apparel-Fall 2020 Collection

Fashion Mermaid | Sheer Cargo Pants

Fall is here! The weather is staring to change but that doesn’t mean, you stop fitness journey. Fashion Mermaid recently released their Fall 2020 collection, which consist of a range of distressed leggings, hoodies, muscle relief gel, and waist trainers. Fashion Mermaid specialize affordable active wear for women of all sizes. The martial is very stretchy, chic and durable.  

Fashion Mermaid apparel was created by Kiara Quick from Laurinburg, NC. The brand developed when Kiara was pregnant with her daughter and believe it or not she reached 200 pounds by the end of her pregnancy. Kiara was determined to lose the weight, and by doing so she hired a personal trainer and started working out. When Kiara started her journey to fitness, she took notice that there weren’t any cute fitness apparel for her to wear in her size at the time. She was subject to sweats and a tank top. With Kiara having a background in fashion design, creating her custom apparel came naturally. By doing so she took a chance and created Fashion Mermaid apparel’s first EVER line in 2017 and had 200 orders! After, the success of the Fashion Mermaid apparel in a short time span was overwhelming would be an understatement. Fashion Mermaid has been in business for four years and our goal still remains the same is about empowering women of all ethnicity to be healthy and fit.


Be sure to get your Fashion Mermaid gear today!

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