Men’s Grooming: Beard Care For The Winter Season


Beard Gang season is back again fellas! REBAL HUE is here to giving you guys a crash course on beard care for the winter season. We are here to share bread oils to cut down on the itch, tips on how to maintain the shape of your beard and much more. So, you guys can go into the winter season with confidence when #BEARDGANG!

Getting Around The Itch…

Beard oils are often a blend of numerous oils, like jojoba and argan and almond, and they do things like: soften beard bristles to prevent itchiness and scratchiness on you and your crush; relax the hairs, preventing flyaways and paving the way for a proper beard style; hydration and easy application for the skin underneath your facial hairs; and, sometimes, the bonus of a nice, subtle scent.

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There are tons of beard oils on the market these days, and these are the eight we love the most. They’ll deliver on the promises above (fragrance optional), so that you can overcome the perils of beard growing and fully enjoy the benefits. Beard oil is also great for maintaining a healthy beard. You can’t go wrong.



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Washing & Moisturizing  Your Beard Is Important

Washing and moisturizing on a regular basis are essential. Just like your scalp, you have skin underneath. You want to make sure you keep it healthy along with the hair on your face. Some mistakes are not washing thoroughly or even at all.

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Don’t Ghost Your Barber…

When the journey began, your beard was short and sweet and didn’t require a great deal of maintenance. There’s significantly more to growing a beard than just not shaving. And the longer the beard, the higher the stakes. Trimming your beard will promote healthier and sometimes even faster growth. It always seems weird that you should trim your hair as it grows, but the reason for this is because the ends get frayed and scratchy, and it also helps coach the thing into its stylized place.

Shampoo the Nasty Stuff Away…

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Whether you believe it or not, we do know beards are prone to getting dirty, collecting crumbs, and absorbing everyday pollutants. Pay close attention to the ingredients in the products you choose to use on your beard. Steer clear of silicones and harsh chemical surfactants and reach for natural oils and ingredients. Harsh chemicals found in commercial shampoo can dry out your beard making it course, brittle, and very itchy.

What Tips Are You Fellas Using This Winter? Do You Have Any Beard Tips? Comment Below.

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