Keeping Up With Elly Elz| An Exclusive Q&A

Elly’s style of rap is gritty and gives you a street hustlers vibe.

Elly Elz, is a DC native born on the south side of Washington, D.C. His stage present captivates his audience by his use of clever wordplay and relatable topics. Elly is not only a rapper, but is the CEO of Syck Music Group or SMG. The company was started by himself and a friend named C3 to promote his music, other artists

Elly Ellz | 1105

affiliated with him and his clothing line iTrap, which he designs himself. The iTrap clothing line is popular not only in D.C., but in nationally as well due to social media. Elly Elz was featured in REBAL HUE Winter Issue VOL.4. Get to know more about Elly Elz in an exclusive Q& A with REBAL HUE Magazine.

Elly Elz Exclusive Q& A With REBAL HUE Magazine.

1. What’s the title of your new project?

“Just a little background on myself, I’ve been on probation for the last two years. I can say through this time, I have learned a lot about myself and how to move period. I got into some trouble back in college, and out of anger I made some drastic and life changing decisions that ended me up where I am today. This brings me to the title “1105.” Just to dissect the title a little bit, 1105 is the police code for Fraud/Identity Theft. This correlates with the title because that is the charge I caught & battled in court.”

2. Who are the producers of the project?   

“Majority of the project are a collection of freestyles to recently popped songs in the underground scene from Quin NFN’s “Straight Thru,” to 22Gz’s “Blixky Freestyle.” The stand out track would be, “The Cash APP” with Maliibu Miitch produced by Baby Breeze our of South Carolina. I’d say my favorite on the project will be Dark Web.”

3. Tell me about your involvement in the project, such as creative control.
“On all my projects, I have complete creative control. For this project in particular, I created a short film/musical surrounded by a few songs on the project. The film was the sequel to a previous film I had shot last year called “Hope for the best, Prepare for the worst,” which can be seen via YouTube. To follow the story, I made it where if someone new just seen the second, they would want to go back to the first to understand the story.”
4. What is your message involving this new album?
“I tried to keep this project & all the others that follow it authentic as possible but You will have to listen to it to find out.”
Elly Ellz | Image: Via Instagram
5. What was the inspiration behind your lyrics?
“As I said before, I want to keep all my projects authentic as possible. Through previous projects, I fabricated a lot and it showed in my persona to the point where my music became unbelievable. I felt that hindered my career a slight bit. With that, I also felt like I was working to please the listener too much instead of just making dope music that I enjoyed.”
6. What was one experience in life that, without it, you wouldn’t be the artist you are today?
“Going to jail. I say that because it not only changed me, but it changed the people that was around me. I guess the saying, you see who your real friends are when your down, is a true statement.”
7. What do you hope to accomplish this year?

“My goal this year is to touch over 1 million streams via Spotify.”

8. When will the project be available?

“Not sure yet. But it is coming soon!” [ Later in 2020]

You Can Listen To Elly Elz Music Here.


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