Nic Junior | New Single- Gotta Get It

Nic Junior | Newest Single- Gotta Get It

REBAL HUE has been updating it’s readers on the journey of Nic Junior’s wave this summer. Nic kicked off the summer with he’s first single Circles, after  taking a hiatus from the music scene. The song opened up with relatable topics he endured in his personal life. He followed up with he second single  Lake Shore Drive. Which was the perfect theme song for Summertime Chi. Which he talks about the summer days and nightlife, girls, party favors, and the beauty of cruising down Lake Shore Drive.
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Nic Junior |New Single- Circles

Nic Junior | New Single: Circles

After taking a hiatus in music scene Chicago rapper Nic Junior is back with a new single titled Circles. Circles maybe new to the public but is very familiar to Nic, he recorded this track after moving back to Chicago from Ohio in 2017. He definitely had a lot to get off his chest about things he endured in his personal life. Which can relate to the everyday person such as things in life NEVER come easy and there’s no such thing as perfect.

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