Album Review: Nicki Minaj -All Hail The Queen

Album Review: Nicki Manj-Queen | Image From: ITunes Article Written By: Emmanuel Ford

Standing in the corner on a Saturday night  in DC, Nicki Minaj, can be heard blasting through speakers and cars all over the city. There is no doubt that Nicki Minaj is a Queen. However, over the past few years many have doubted if it was the rap kingdom that she resided over. Queen, debuted on Friday to shatter the internet. Nicki was trending all over the world. Queen, was number one on iTunes in over 71+ countries. Continue reading “Album Review: Nicki Minaj -All Hail The Queen”

DreamVille’s Own BAS Debut New Video- Boca Raton Feat. A$AP Ferg

Bas | Image From Omen — Dreamville

Bas “The Genius” who signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville Records and Interscope Records. His first studio album Last Winter, which was released Spring 2014, followed by his second studio album, Too High to Riot that was released in early Spring 2016.

Since Bas took a hiatus on putting NEW out, that Bas hasn’t stop him from touring in the US with Dreamville team and is currently gearing up for J. Cole’s KOD tour this Fall.

Continue reading “DreamVille’s Own BAS Debut New Video- Boca Raton Feat. A$AP Ferg”