Beauty Guide: Rocker Glam

Rock On To Glam

Fun Fact: Glam rock fashion rose to fame in the UK  from the influence of ‘60’s progenitors like Led Zeppelin and early 80’s T.Rex and the English rock band Slade.

REBAL HUE is here to show you how to achieve three rocker looks such as Pop Rock, Chill Rock, and Glam Rock. Using MAYBELLINE NEW YORK’S versatile THE ROCK NUDES PALETTE is perfect for the many faces and moments of a Rock-Star.

Pop Rocker

Pop Rocker | Image: Tumblr

Spice up your smoke and give your eyes a serious pop of rich blue color. Use the matte black shadow in the outer corner and under eye area to start your smokey eye. Then apply deep blue to the center of the lids, and highlight the inner corner with a sweep of silver.

Chill Rocker

Chill Rock | | Image: Tumblr

Amp up your everyday with a take on nudes. Start with a sweep of gold metallic shadow over the entire lid. Accent the outer corners with matte chocolate brown and finish with highlights of beige in the inner corners like we did her. Finish it off with a bright pink gloss for a look that shines even when you’re unplugged.

Glam Rocker

Glam Rock | Model: Rebecca | Photograph: Asia J

For ready-to-rock flair, color the entire lid with silver shadow, the accent the inner corners with the purple metallic shade and highlight crease and outer edge with the pink metallic. Next, contour checks and finish with a hot pink lip.

So, Ladies What Rock Glam Look Are You Choosing? Comment Below.

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