Beauty Guide: Fall’s Hottest Trend- Wine Fine

Baby, You’re Wine Fine…

Bring some wine to your lips, eyelids or blush for the Fall season. A rich burgundy lipstick pairs perfectly with fresh skin and your go-to mascara can be your look for the day. If you don’t want to commit to super dark lipstick, try a deep shade of plum instead, perfect for chilly autumn days.

REBAL HUE is here to give our recommendation on this season’s Beauty Guide: Fall’s Hottest Trend- Wine Fine.


Burgundy Lips| Image: Tumblr

Lips are important to completing your look, it’s time to color them in a wine hue of their own. Pucker up! Now, layer a wine lipstick over top of your lip liner. As for what to use, we recommend a long-lasting formula like PAT McGRATH LABS. 

REBAL Tip: Prep lips with a lip liner to keep the pigment from feathering.


While we love natural eye shadow hues and smoky eyes, it’s time to put your go-to eye shadow looks on the back burner and focus on creating a burgundy eye shadow look instead.

YouTuber Makeup By Giselle is here to show you how to achieve the burgundy eye shadow.


Burgundy Mascara |Image: Tumblr

On an everyday basis, you probably reach for black—maybe brown mascara to coat your lashes. But why not mix it up? Instead of applying mascara in a completely expected color, use burgundy mascara.

What Fine Wine Make-up Trend You’re Trying This Fall Season? Comment Below.

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