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3 Fools in 2 Weeks: Bill Cosby, R Kelly, Kayne West

3 Fools in 2 Weeks

Who would’ve thought the big 3 would assault my childhood in such a way. No, not the up and coming basketball league. I’m speaking of Pill Cosby (formerly known as Bill Cosby), Koon-ye (formerly known as Kanye West), and Mr. Dateline (better known as R.Kelly) have destroyed the positive thoughts or memories you’ve had listening to their music or watching them on TV.

Pill Cosby

Bill Cosby image from Tumblr

Can you believe Mr. Huxtable could be going to jail for giving them pills to sleep with them? More than 60 women have came forward and said he assaulted them. Apparently they came forward to late because they waited to long. Most states don’t allow you do anything beyond 15 years. Somehow someway Pill Cosby has been convicted of three counts of aggravated indecent assault. Damn, Pill. Now every time I watch the Cosby’s, if any station would air it. I will be wondering who got a Pill?

Mr. Dateline

R Kelly image from New York Times

Now, let’s keep it real no one was surprised by the resurgence of support for victims that were hurt by the R&B predator. From as long as I can remember I’ve always heard Mr. Dateline to be a vicious predator. Well the tides have turned as it’s his turn to be the prey and this time it’s to the very demographic he terrorized. The #timesup movement just welcomed black girl magic (director Ava Duvernay, Amanda seales, Tiffany Haddish and many more) and they have started #muterkelly going straight for his pockets calling for him to be dropped by his record label even demanding he ends his relationship with management as well as any touring company. They came for the jugular knowing exactly how to end him. You can’t use money and influence when you don’t have any. That’s how you do it! Game over!

Koon-ye West

Kayne West image from tumblr

There is no one at the moment more irritating than this Koon-ye. Let’s round up his recent chain of events:

  • He stretches his Twitter fingers to announce all the albums he’s working on (poor King Push, Teyana, and Cudi) then posts a photo with the Make America Great Again and announces his love for Trump.
  • Drops two songs Lift Yourself and Ye vs The People. Both songs were trash the first one sounded like a jumbled up mess. Then he has the nerves to troll everyone with the lyrics “scoopidty poop scoop de poop de poop”. Yes, those were actual lyrics. Now the second one, ye vs the people, was a conversation between Rapper TI and  Koon-ye about what was going on. Where Ye rapped about his love for trump, black people being close minded,his interest in running for president and a whole bunch of hot air. T.I was definitely there to say what needed to be said to him but it wasn’t penetrating through because he continued to rap sounding more ignorant every bar he spit.
  • Does an interview with Charlemagne where he professes his love for free thought and how he’s thinking much more freely now and how he’s challenging the traditional way of doing things. This interview was very normal he expressed his feelings and family. He raised a few questions with some of the statements that were made.
  • Does an interview with TMZ and completely loses his mind. He proclaims slavery was a choice, he expressed his discontent with the liberal media, explained trump was his boy, and discussed being addicted to opioids after liposuction cause he wanted to look good for the public.

Someone close to him tell needs to tell him to sit his ass all the way down. He needs to shut up and actually listen and he might learn something. The words that Van Lathan spoke while talking to Ye summed up exactly how every fan of Koon-ye was feeling. If you are thinking free that’s cool but my free thought is to cancel him.

After all the good energy and vibes black folks were given and producing after Black Panther. I cannot believe these 3 asses are attempting to reduce that. If you grew up in the 90’s then there is no way you can deny the cultural impact of Pill, Koon-ye, and Mr. Dateline. There legacy has completely went up in flames! No one wants to listen to or watch any of these 3 stooges.

Written by: Emmanuel Ford

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