Artist On The Rise: Kae-9 | An Exclusive Q&A

Pushing his versatility, ear for production, and lyricism in his direction. REBAL HUE’s creative director and head editor Asia J  meets Landover, MD rapper Kae-9 for a Q&A.

With this year’s early release of Kae-9 latest single Hol’ Up (The Paradigm) there is a greater range of flows explored, a greater range of tones discovered, and a sharper focus throughout the song.  When asked to describe his musical style, Kae-9 said “it’s a bit of conscious [rap].” He didn’t want to commit into

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saying the music he creates is street music because he doesn’t rap much about the streets. One thing that stood out in response to this question was Kae-9 saying “I like to say something that means something. I ‘don’t like to waste words.” That is an important to admire from an artist. Kae-9 grew up with a musical background gifted by his estranged father’s side of the family such as grandfather playing in a band, his aunt that sings R&B and including his grandmother keeping him the church growing up. Creating music and being apart of music has been a natural environment for him. Check-out this exclusive interview below.

The Exclusive Q&A w/ Kae-9

REBAL HUE Magazine has an exclusive interview with Kae-9. We had questions for Kae-9 such as influences in starting music, inspiration behind his music, dream collaboration and more. Check-out the interview below.

What made you start pursuing a career in rap?

“I definitely want to purse rap full-time. [How I knew] was connecting the dots, I’m the type of person that pays attention to everything. At first it was a hobbit [then] I took a step back to see this person did music [in] my family. I’m into music and I have people around me that do music. I’m like this is something, I suppose to be doing.”

Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians?

“2 Pac hands down. I know this going to sound cliché but Jay-Z and Nas but as far as favorites my top two [favorites] is 2 Pac and Pimp C.

Asia J: Interjects say” [Who’s your] top5?”

Kae-9: “Top 5 – 2 Pac, Pimp C, Nas, Jay-Z [Kae-9 ponders] that fifth spot is definitely hard it always fluctuate I put [Lil] Bossie.

What was the inspiration behind your rap name?

“[The inspiration] behind my name means Knowledge Attitude & Excellence To The 9th power and if you spell Kae-9 (Kae-nine) you get I-Keenan.”

What is the main inspiration for the lyrics you write?

“Life. If anybody listens to my music knows I put everything that’s in my head into my music. Like, I said I don’t really talk too much about what I got going on [music] is the way I reach people.”

Who would you like to collaborate with in the feature?

“In the feature, I would like to  collaborate with more singers. As far, as rapper I’m not really looking to do anything with another rapper. I [want] singers on my [tracks] because I have a musical background, that would just add soul to my music.”

Kae-9 will be performing at REBAL HUE’s 1st ever Editor’s Playlist showcase in Washington, DC on June 15. This showcase is to highlight and support local artist in the DC area. In the mean time check out Kae-9 soundcloud for his latest projects. 

Kae-9 Hol’ Up (The Paradigm)

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