Artist On The Rise: Filthy Fell Off | An Exclusive Q&A

There is a greater range of flows explored, a greater range of tones discovered, and a sharper focus throughout Filthy music.

REBAL HUE is weeks away from it’s 1st Edition Playlist Music Showcase in Washington, DC. Hell Vacancy artist Filthy Fell Off will be one of our featured artist. Filthy grew up in Hyattsville, Maryland. In the era where R&B music

Filthy Fell Off | An Exclusive Q&A

seems obsolete but Filthy has taking a refreshing approach on what he calls Emo R&B. Filthy released two EP’s back in 2018 titled Monster in the Mirror with three tracks and Demons On The Dance Floor with five tracks. Get to know more about Filthy Fell Off in an exclusive Q& A with REBAL HUE Magazine.

The Exclusive Q&A w/ Filthy Fell Off

REBAL HUE Magazine has an exclusive interview with Filthy Fell Off. We had questions for Filthy Fell Off such as influences in starting music, inspiration behind his music, dream collaboration and more. Check-out the interview below.

What made you start pursuing a career in rap?

“The death of my close friend Kevin Victor and dropping out of college soon after his death made me start pursuing a career in music. Losing him so suddenly shifted my perspective.”

Growing up (where?), can you describe today’s underground music scene?

” I grew up in Hyattsville, MD / Today’s underground music scene is so diverse, I just wish it was a little more cohesive. It seems like there’s a divide within as far as venues, audiences, and artists.”

Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians?

“Musically, my biggest influences are go-go bands (New impressionz, TOB, ABM, TCB, XIB). I would say from grade 7 all the way up until high school graduation, the majority of the music I listened to was go-go. My favorite musicians are Prince, Lil Wayne, Sade, Phil Collins, Tame Impala, Michael Jackson, and Little Dragon.”

What was the inspiration behind your rap name?

“The inspiration behind my name came from the lifestyle I was living at the time; I was couch surfing a lot, wearing the same fits back to back, not getting my hair done, etc. So I felt “Filthy” was fitting, then I added the “Fell Off” for alliteration and to use as motivation (if I’ve already fallen off then my life can’t get any worse).”

What was the inspiration behind your new song Undertaker?

“My inspiration behind “Undertaker” was pulled from personal experiences. I was dating an exotic dancer from last summer up until this past February, I’ve observed my peers indulging in their vices on a social level, and I’ve done my own dirt. So, I used all of those moments and memories to craft each bar of the record.”

Who would like to Collaborate with in feature and why?

“I’d like to collaborate with NoName [Gypsy], she’s really talented and I like her moody/dark approach to select records.”

Are there any upcoming projects you’re working on?

“I have a solo album, exclusively produced/recorded/mixed by K.EYE.D, in the works titled “OUT OF THE INFERNO” but I don’t have a release date just yet (definitely dropping sometime this summer).”
Filthy Fell Off will be performing at REBAL HUE’s 1st ever Editor’s Playlist showcase in Washington, DC on June 15. This showcase is to highlight and support local artist in the DC area. In the mean time check out Filthy soundcloud and iTunes for his latest projects. 




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