4 Songs You Should Add To Your Playlist |This Weekend

4 Songs You Should Add To Your Playlist |This Weekend

REBAL HUE is here to give you the Top 4 Songs You Should Add To Your Playlist |This Weekend. Check-out these 4 songs The Internet- Come Over, G-Eazy- Drop, Doja Cat- Go To Town and Joey Purp- Bag Talk.

#4 The Internet- Come Over

On the Internet’s newest song, “Come Over,” Syd’s lovestruck tenderness is contrasted with darker moments of romantic confusion, showing that there can be conflict in even simple love songs. Much of the track is driven by the lust that accompanies puppy love, emotions that are the backbone of countless pop tracks. But Syd’s smooth, lilting vocals pair specific vignettes—waking up to the sunrise, watching TV in bed, drinking champagne—with a rich blend of punchy drums, plucky bass, and a slinky guitar solo.

#3 G- Eazy- Drop

G-Eazy, Blac Youngsta and BlocBoy JB hang out in a warehouse filled with twerking women in their new “Drop” video. Throughout the clip, the trio pose next to expensive cars, flashing lights and billowing smoke.’

#2 Doja Cat – Go To Town

You may have heard of Doja Cat from her viral video Mooo with 4.2 million views but she with definitely trolling us.  Here things get interesting is the content of “Go to Town,” which might as well had taken the extra leap and been named go downtown.  Clearly, this is a sexually-driven record. The accompanying music video further highlights the heavy innuendo and explicit vibes.

#1 Joey Purp – Bag Talk

Joey Purp returns with his new single, “Bag Talk.” The rapper’s new single comes alongside the announcement of his forthcoming project, Quarterthing. The rapper goes in on mesmerizing production handled by Nez & Rio. The rapper also shared a video for the song which finds him cruising through his city on the roof on the trunk with his homies.

What Songs Your Adding To Your Playlist?

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