Palm Tree$ EP-Treemix 1-Release |Exclusive Q&A

Palm Tree$ |EP Treemix 1 Written By: Asia J.

Palm Tree$ released Treemix 1 over the past weekend. There is a greater range of flows explored, a greater range of tones discovered, and a sharper focus throughout Treemix 1. When asked to describing Palm Tree$ music “Sometimes down-tempo because along with rapping. I like to create smooth, chill, laid back vibes.”

Palm Tree$ also mention that he has segmented his audience by being in the DMV. Say, “That music I’m not interested in releasing yet because the attention span of the DMV is so short & they only wanna hear “trap music.” On the flip side of that I also enjoy making party music. The music you can turn on in a function and people can jump around and have fun.” Continue reading “Palm Tree$ EP-Treemix 1-Release |Exclusive Q&A”

Nic Junior | New Single -Hi To My Ex’s

Nic Junior | Hi To My Ex’s Written By: Asia Cierra Jackson

Nic Junior recently dropped his second single off his debut EP  C’est La Vie. Even though we’re approaching “Cuffing Season” Nic is my making a point to stud on his Ex’s with the BEST revenge with SUCCESS. Over a Brazilian back tack he was inspired to share his relatable reasoning why their his Ex’s as insecurities, cheating and etc.

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Men’s Style Guide On Vic Mensa

Men’s Style Guide On Vic Mensa

Chicago’s Owns Vic Mensa

Vic Mensa, is a rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer from Chicago, Illinois.  He also is the founder of the SavemoneySavelife foundation which combats American racism and funds three programs in Chicago centered on health and the arts.

Vic grew up in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. Vic’s interest in fashion started with sneakers. He collected hundreds of pairs and stored them in his mother’s basement, leaving her to wonder why, exactly, he needed so many. Vic is also know for collecting vintage pieces such as jackets and jewelry.

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